Annuitas Management

In October 2001, the Board of Trustees of the National Provident Fund and the Government Superannuation Fund Authority formed a joint venture company, Annuitas Management Limited to provide executive office/secretariat services under contract to both organisations.

National Provident Fund is a term used to describe a group of 9 superannuation schemes and the Global Asset Trust, which holds the investment assets on behalf of those schemes.

Government Superannuation Fund is a term used to describe a group of superannuation schemes and the assets held to meet the benefits payable by those schemes.

Contact Details

Phone: (04) 499 6999

Annuitas Management Limited
Level 12
The Todd Building
95 Customhouse Quay
Wellington, 6011
New Zealand
Annuitas Management Limited
PO Box 3390
Wellington, 6140
New Zealand

Who Are We

Chief Executive
Simon Tyler  

Chief Financial Officer
Fiona Morgan

General Manager, Investments
Paul Bevin

General Manager, Schemes
Philippa Drury

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